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Communal Therapist

The Body&Soul Sanctuary will be open on Friday June 21st from 3pm-8pm and on Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd from 10:30am to 8pm.

The SOLAS Sanctuary will be open on Thursday July 11th from 3pm-8pm and on Fri, Sat and Sun 12th-14th from 10:30am to 7pm.

The Zen Gardens Sanctuary at Electric Picnic will be open on Friday August 30th from 3pm-8pm and on Sat 31st and Sun 1st from 10:30am to 8pm.

  • The pitch fee for Body&Soul Festival 2019 is €100 plus VAT @ 23% = €123 per therapist.
  • The pitch fee for SOLAS @Latitude Festival 2019 is £195.00 per therapist.
  • The pitch fee for Electric Picnic Festival 2019 is €185 plus VAT @ 23% = €227.55 per therapist.

DEADLINE for Applications – 10th February 2019

Once you apply for a position, you will be sent an email acknowledging receipt of your application. We do our best to respond within 2-3 weeks from your application date, however we ask that you please be patient as there are many applications to process.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below

Terms and Conditions

Communal Therapist Application’s Terms and Conditions (please read and agree)

Application: To start the application process, we need you to submit an online form to us. Once we have accepted your application and it is under consideration we will need the following in order to complete the process: • A copy of your qualifications from a recognised body. • A copy of your current, valid insurance certificate from a recognised body • A pitch fee payment (details to follow on approval of your application).

Workspace: All of our Communal Therapists will be allocated a space within one of the large communal marquees. These workspaces will be arranged according to treatment type, with similar therapies grouped together. Each workspace will contain up to 25 therapists. All therapists must bring whatever equipment they need (i.e. table, oils, towels). We recommend you bring a small washbowl for your personal use during the day as well as a small chair or stool for you to sit on if you wish.

Agreement/Contract: Once you have been accepted as a therapist and have completed all the necessary steps to finalise your application, we will be emailing out an agreement / contract which will need to be signed and returned to us in order for you to come and practice as a therapist at the specified 2019 Festival.

Arrival & Setup: All Communal Therapists must arrive and check in with the designated Body&Soul Box Office by Thursday June 20th at 7pm LATEST. Directions & Maps will be mailed out accordingly. Upon arrival, a receptionist will sign you in and confirm your working hours for the weekend. We will then transport your therapy equipment to our secure lock­up in the Body&Soul Village so you can go and set up your camp. We ask that all therapists come to the Sanctuary Area at the specified time for an orientation and meeting. Note:Late arrivals will not be accepted and your fee will not be returned.

Hours of Work: As a communal therapist you are free to offer however many treatments you wish during our opening hours but we do ask that you work a minimum of 7 X 60 minute or 14 X 30 minute treatments over the weekend.

Payment: Therapists will be paid online after the festival for treatments booked online by their clients and onsite by Sanctuary Manager for those who book at the festival. We do not take any money out of your earnings over the weekend; this is entirely your own. However for online bookings, a €5/£5 deduction per booking will apply. This is to cover the associated costs of offering this comprehensive booking service. *More info on this to follow on approval of your application.

Uniform: Therapists are required to wear a simple uniform. This will consist of white trousers and a white T-­shirt (which you provide).

Fee & Cancellation Policy: The fee to work as a communal therapist is specified above. This includes entry to the festival plus camping in a designated crew campsite (or general camping if you prefer to camp with friends or family). This fee covers the cost of the marquees, receptionists, administration and logistics. Payment must be received in full no later than the following: • Body&Soul Festival ­ March 30th, 2019 • SOLAS @ Latitude Festival ­ May 25th, 2019 • Electric Picnic Festival ­ July 20th, 2019 This will confirm your place as a Communal Therapist. In case of cancellation, we will refund half this amount, but only if notification is received no later than 30 days prior to the start of the festival. Fee is non­refundable after this date.

Insurance: You are obliged to be insured to cover any hazards, injury or losses that may occur at the festival. You will be required to have Professional Indemnity/Treatment Risk cover for a limit of € 1,000,000. Depending on the nature of what you are doing you may also be required to have standard public liability insurance cover with a limit of indemnity of € 2.6M or € 6.4M.

Losses: You agree that (Body&Soul Event Creations/SOLAS Event Creations/Triple Horn Productions) take no responsibility for any financial loss, or for any loss or damage to any of your equipment, goods or personal belongings. We do not hold any liability for personal injury to you or for injury to any member of the public, which have been directly or indirectly incurred by you. Note:It is your responsibility to assess every client’s suitability to receive a treatment before beginning a treatment.

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